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How to Read Bet365 Reviews

Bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world, being Number 1 in many countries. The company, based in UK, operates in over 200 countries and serves over 19 million customers. So, it is no surprise that there is plenty of interest in them and almost all betting sites has written a review of their services. And not just the betting sites. It’s practically everyone - with or without betting experience. However, not all reviews are alike and you might end up confused instead of informed.

Reviews vary in their nature. Some are so positive that might expect the bookie to work at a loss so that you earn; while others can be classified as “hate” material. This is not necessarily an intentional attempt of the writer to present false information or lie to you. Rather, it depends on the point of view or the target audience.


For instance, a bet365 review that is targeted at beginners at betting might focus on the great features bet365 offer. It might highlight the variety of markets, the cash out option or the extremely attractive bonus offers. And all these are real existing features of bet365.


Nonetheless, if you are a professional bettor, such a bet365 review will not help you much. If you are a pro, your biggest question would probably be whether or not bet365 will limit you. After all, the bookie might offer a great variety of markets, but if you are limited to 1EUR, this will be irrelevant, as you will not be able to bet on them. The reality is, you will rarely find the answer to this question in a website review.


On the other hand, a user review from a pro user might provide the information on limits, but it won’t be helpful to a recreational punter. After all, a personal review is nothing more than a reflection of the own experience. More often than not, such user reviews are written by unhappy users - they get frustrated and decide to put it all down. So, even if these reviews are true, they are not necessarily objective. Also, how is one to judge whether the user, writing the review is a pro or just a casual bettor?


In general, the most helpful bet365 review would combine all the general information on the bookmaker and also present the viewpoints of professional and recreational bettors. This way, when you read the entire piece, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the bookie and will be able to use this information to make your decisions.


Therefore, our Bookmakers Review section at Blogabet is made in a way to include our review of bookmakers - showing information on restricted countries, deposit and withdrawal methods, new features and the latest list of bonuses. On the other hand, we also include user reviews, to reflect the point of view of people that bet with these bookies every day. Moreover, next to each user review are the personal stats of them - allowing you to see whether or not they are professional at betting.


If you are interested in learning more about the bookie, you would simply open Blogabet bet365 review and would view all the information at once.